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I'd like to replay an older Unity game (3D) that I can only find the macOS version of, however what I don't have is a Mac to play it on. I successfully installed VirtualBox and set up an OS X (Sierra) guest on my Debian, before I realised/googled that there is no way of using GPU acceleration on a macOS guest system with VirtualBox, which naturally makes the performance of any 3D game insufficient.

Is there any other solution that comes to mind (a more experienced one), or should I just keep looking for the lost Windows version of the game?

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  • What is the name of the game? – Phoenix Mar 27 at 2:51
  • StuntMANIA, looking for the latest version (I think 4.5.1), not to be confused with the newer game StuntMANIA Reloaded. The developer company, Sector3Games, doesn't seem to exist anymore. – mspi Mar 27 at 3:29
  • Keep looking for the Windows version. There is no way to leverage macOS hardware support, because it simply doesn't exist. There are no official 'additions' for VirtualBox on Win or nix, because they are not licensed to run macOS. – Tetsujin Mar 27 at 8:54

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