I use 7-Zip. I work in Windows 10 Home 64-bit. I use command line. From 7-Zip help I know there is t (Test integrity of archive) command.

Do I understand right way the following?

In this case

7z t archive.zip

I check integrity of zip file? I check just one file - zip file.

In this case

7z t archive.zip *

I check integrity of every file inside zip file? But I don't check integrity of zip file itself?

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I understand that both 7z t archive.zip and 7z t archive.zip * should do the exact same thing :

They test the integrity of 'archive.zip' and simulate the extraction of all of its contents.

A further test shows me that the same command, both with the asterisk (*) and without the asterisk, produced the exact same output, for both ZIP and 7Z files.

I think you should better omit the asterisk if you want to test a whole ZIP/7Z file and all of its contents (7z t archive.zip).

Please note that * and *.* are different !

See also in this documentation

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