I want to buy new laptop but it should have hardware mux for multiple GPUs. I don't want hybrid graphics in which Dedicated GPU is connected to the integrated GPU. Nearly no vendor specifies this detail. shopowners have no idea about hardware mux for multiple. Also, I prefer buying online

enter image description here

I want the third setup. Is there any Windows command for this? I normally use Linux as a daily driver OS but most laptops have Windows preinstalled in them so there's that.

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    The main goal of this question is really a hardware recommendation, I think. There's a site for that, hardwarerecs.stackexchange.com. But you have managed to shoehorn it into being an SU question by asking for a way to check this, given access to a specific laptop, so IMO we can reopen this. Not sure how useful the answer will be to you in your shopping, but perhaps interesting at least. – Peter Cordes Apr 9 at 0:54

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