I am using VLC to embed an .srt file into an .mp4 file. In most cases I am successful and the subtitle is in perfect sync with the video. However I have one episode that the subtitle starts about 8 seconds ahead of the video.

I have tried downloading an alternative .srt file but the result is the same. How can I resolve this? I need the subtitle hard coded for my hard of hearing mother.

I am a senior surfer with basic knowledge. My procedure so far: I use VLC and click on Media the Stream then add my video. Next add new destination Next. Activate transcoding is ticked. Click on edit icon to the right of the video box. Subtitles tab. Make sure both boxes are ticked. Save. Next. Stream.

I need to either edit the subs file or somehow delay its start. Thanks.

I have made a work around by cutting the first four seconds off the video. Works ok. Thanks

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