I am searching for a way to increase the mouse scrolling speed on Windows Server 2016 from the default value (3) up to 20 for all users (HKLM). I am searching for this option since several hours without success.

So far, I only found out how I could do that for the currently logged-in user (HKCU):

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop -> WheelScrollLines=20

Any advise about how to do the same for all users either via Group Policy Editor or Registry Editor would be highly appreciated.


You've answered your own question already:

You've identified the local user hive and you have Group Policy.

So, now you create a GPO to set the desired value for that key for each user in their own registry hive.

  • Thank you for your answer. Uff, I am not really familiar with GPO. I only want to set this setting for all users on one machine (server). How can I do that with GPO?
    – Rickson
    Apr 5 '20 at 7:39
  • There is a local Group Policy option, or you create a GP on the domain and just apply it to the single server. Apr 5 '20 at 18:25

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