Let's say if there are 3 computers, and each computer has 2 connections to the Internet on average, and the household has 18MBps Internet, does that mean each connection is given about 18 / 6 = 3Mbps?

What if one computer is very important (for example, Word From Home, and using video conferencing software to have meetings), can one Access Point be set up to have a separate SSID, and let that computer connect to it, so it will be able to take more bandwidth? (50%?)

Or what if there are multiple Access Points in the house, will using one Access Point for that one computer be able to let it take more bandwidth? (50%?) Can it be more than 50%, such as 66%? One thing I hope not to do is to limit the other SSID or Access Point to only have 33% of the bandwidth, because that will mean if the Work From Home computer is idle, the other computers still only can use 33% of the bandwidth of the house.

The solutions I saw tend to be limiting the non-work computers to 10Mbps, but that will mean when the work computer is idle, the non-work computers still only have half of the possible bandwidth.

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