Turnkey Linux (TKL) produce a Fileserver appliance which includes Samba and Webmin. I use JumpCloud's LDAP-as-a-Service. I know that Samba can authenticate to JumpCloud's LDAP service but how do I configure this for Samba Windows File Sharing?

Webmin provides access to "Edit Config File". I've used the following based on a JumpCloud LDAP NAS/Samba Integration Step-by-Step Worksheet (note: obviously not my actual org id or user id).

    security = User
    workgroup = WORKGROUP
    netbios name = WORKGROUP
    protocol = smb3
    server min protocol = smb2
    server string = Samba Server %v
    log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
    max log size = 100
    log level = 3
    passdb backend = ldapsam:ldaps://ldap.jumpcloud.com:636
    ldap ssl = no
    ldap suffix = o=5cf42d8c2adc6777b54ec1d3,dc=jumpcloud,dc=com
    ldap admin dn = uid=samba_srv,ou=Users,o=5cf42d8c2adc6777b54ec1d3,dc=jumpcloud,dc=com
    ldap user suffix = ou=Users
    ldap group suffix = ou=Users
    # FYI, the password for this user is stored in
    # /etc/samba/secrets.tdb.  It is created by running
    # 'smbpasswd -w passwd'

    comment = Home Directory
    browseable = no
    read only = no
    valid users = %S

    comment = CD-ROM
    read only = yes
    locking = no
    guest ok = yes
    path = /media/cdrom
    preexec = /bin/mount /media/cdrom
    postexec = /bin/umount /media/cdrom

    comment = Public Share
    path = /srv/storage
    browseable = yes
    writeable = yes
    read only = no
    create mask = 0644
    directory mask = 0755
    valid users = @sambausers

I've run smbpasswd -w my-samba-passwd and restarted the fileserver.

The error in the Samba logs is:

Failed to find a Unix account for 'my-user'
User 'my-user' in passdb, but getpwnam() fails!

For Debian 9 Stretch, which is the underlying OS for the TKL Fileserver, LDAP/NSS is set up from the configuration screens with these installs:
apt-get install libnss-ldapd
apt-get install libpam-ldapd

I've run through the elements in the Debian wiki for LDAP NSS and my configuration appears correct but getent passwd doesn't return the users from JumpCloud so it's probable that the configuration of NSS is incorrect?

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