This same basic question is asked at How can I enable hibernation under Linux Mint 18.3?, but the question as asked only tells how much space is desirable for a 4Gi installation, and conflicting opinions address whether on the one hand you need enough space to handle swapping needs and additionally need space for a stored copy of memory contents, while another opinion is that you only need space for a stored copy of your memory contents.

I have had difficulties getting hibernation to work with recent versions of Linux Mint; on 19.3, I have never gotten a system with 16G RAM to hibernate, and that includes allocating 64G to the swap space.

How can I know what space is adequate for hibernation on a machine with 64G RAM?


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A Community Help Wiki article on the subject says 72 GB or more, and the RedHat 7 help page on swap says 1.5x your RAM.

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