I downloaded a program called AStyle.exe. But it didn't have a setup.exe with it. I would like to install it manually. I know I can just remember where it is and execute it any time I want to use it but I would like it to show up on the Start icon.

I think I could just copy it to the relevant folder but I don't know what folder the Start icon uses. I would also like it to show up in Control Panel->Programs.

Is there a way?

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  • No, use the ASyle.exe to install it. – Moab Apr 8 at 16:14
  • If I am looking at the same AStyle.exe then.. @Moab, I politely disagree. This program has no dependencies (other than shell32 and kernel32) and no registry keys whatsoever. To Aabbee.. Making a shortcut to it doesn't make any sense because it is a command line only application. What would you expect the shortcut to do? Simply put this into your path and use it from the command line. – Señor CMasMas Apr 8 at 16:39
  • Oh.. and to anyone looking at the actual title of the question. Setup programs aren't magic. There aren't any things that a setup program does that can't be done by hand. The difficulty is determining the dependencies a program needs and implementing them. MOST of it can be painfully scraped from ProcMon and Depends.. but if something relies on COM or a licensing trick.. it can be a real pain in the butt. – Señor CMasMas Apr 8 at 16:44
  • If it is command line only, copy the file into the System32 folder. – Moab Apr 8 at 17:24
  • Most programs don't actually have to be installed. All an installer does is unpack an archive and extract it in the desired location. – Ramhound Apr 8 at 19:16

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