I have a thin laptop (Asus ZenBook 14 if you wonder) and I feel relatively concerned about the wear rate of my pc due to heating. In fact, while I use medium-to-high demand software my laptop reaches temperatures like 65 Celsius for the cpu (8th gen i7) and 55 for the gpu (nvidia mx150) (both checked with throttlestop, with which I also performed a subtle undervolting of the cpu for this matter). The problem is that whenever I touch the pc to move it or just to check the desk temp (my desk is made of wood, if that matters) it feels really hot, so hot that it would be uncomfortable to hold it e.g. on my lap. Is this thing a problem, or should I just look at the actual p.u. temps and be happy? As far as I now the cpu and the gpu are fine in those temperatures, but maybe other components are suffering from this condition. Thanks for your help

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    Did the undervolting cause issues? My laptop is 1/2 inch thick with i7 CPU and tons of software. It runs quite cool. Can you set the CPU back to default and see what happens? – John Apr 8 at 23:24
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    Be sure you are not blocking the fan vents if it has any. – Moab Apr 8 at 23:27
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    You have not been able to put a laptop in your actual lap for over a decade. Unless you have experienced thermal throttling then your device is running as it was designed. If you have never killed the family of dust bunnies that live in your device, that might help, but given the temperatures they are well below the maximum temperatures for your device. – Ramhound Apr 8 at 23:30
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    "You have not been able to put a laptop in your actual lap for over a decade." I use my laptop on my lap frequently and for hours at a time. – John Apr 8 at 23:34
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    What is the case temperature (bottom case cover)? I have two laptops here - 1 with SSD and i7 CPU the other with HDD and i5 CPU. Case temperature of both machines on the bottom side and averaging the readings is 30 degrees C – John Apr 8 at 23:41

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