I accidentally moved my Desktop directory, using the windows Command terminal, and every file on my desktop was removed. The command I used was move C:/users/desktop. I forgot to identify the 2nd location (where I wanted it to be moved), and it essentially just moved it somewhere else or deleted it entirely. Is there a way to undo this, or does anyone know where it was moved to?

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    What was you current working directory at the time? "Specify source only (will copy the file to current folder, keeping the same filename)" -- from the manual. – ctrl-alt-delor Apr 7 at 21:49
  • No.. not deleted. Can you remember a portion of the names of at least one thing there? If so.. from command.. go back to the root cd c:\\ then dir /s "*snippet*.*" where "snippet" is the thing you are looking for. You should see it's location show up in the list. – Señor CMasMas Apr 10 at 21:11

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