Windows has implemented tools for developers under the UWP (Universal Windows Platform) that steal button inputs from Xbox controllers (i.e. button inputs will be mapped to custom functions in specific apps) with no system-wide way to disable this. The implementation of UWP is half-baked and intermittent across the windows 10 operating system. This presents a problem of double input if one would like to use a third party software, such as Controller Companion, to map inputs on their gamepad to keystrokes and mouse movement. How can one disable the UWP controller input?


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You can now disable Windows' inbuilt half-baked controller support with a registry edit (source).

Create a new key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Input\Settings\ControllerProcessor\ControllerToVKMapping and add a DWORD value named "Enabled" and set to 0.

No other solution I could find seemed to work in my case. Note that I have only tested on Windows 11 with the Controller Companion app, but I believe it should work for Windows 10. I use Xbox Series X controllers through a wireless adapter.

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    Thanks for this - the registry edit worked after logging back in. I'm able to navigate and search the Win11 start menu without interferences from my third party OSK and Controller Companion.
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    @DanielVogelnest THANK YOU. Actually, this has been bothering me for months. I must have searched this issue in a dozen different ways, and this never came across this - until I started writing a new question on this site and this was suggested as a similar question. I have been suffering with HidHide (I had to whitelist every single game ! there seems to be no process I can blacklist!). Once I read "half baked controller support" I knew this was going to work. WHAT THE HECK MICROSOFT. Let's hope the major search indicies can start seeing this wonderful solution that works!!! Commented Jul 7 at 22:20

Here is the solution that worked for me. Install an older version of the Xbox driver through device manager. This will disable the input to new windows apps built with UWP, but should still function with other, older software including games, etc. It specifically works with Controller Companion.

Here is the link: Microsoft - Game Devices, Other hardware - XBOX 360 Controller For Windows

  1. Download the "Microsoft - Game Devices, Other hardware - XBOX 360 Controller For Windows" cabinet file with the 2009 drivers.
  2. Extract the cabinet file to a folder (use 7zip or similar software).
  3. Go to Device Manager and double-click the xbox 360 controller under xbox peripherals.
  4. Go to Drivers tab, click Update drivers, click "Browse my Computer...", click "Let me pick from a list of drivers...", click "Have Disk...", navigate to the extracted cabinet folder that you created in step 2.

Use this link


and click on the 6.3.9600.16384 version of the xbox 360 driver for win 8.1 or later.


can confirm version of the driver works to disable this awful awful "feature" on windows 10.

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