On my raspberry 3B, ssh from another pc to it works fine until i start a docker image. Currently i have containers of portrain, pihole, and nextcloud on the Pi, but the issue arises whichever container i start running. Then there is up to 3 seconds lag randomly hitting when i type commands using ssh directly to the Pi (host). The problem vanishes as soon I stop the containers.

- Raspberry Pi 3B running latest Raspbian
- Raspberry connected using ethernet
- Docker using bridge mode for network
- Terminal directly on the host working fine.
- Login is fast. Only inside the ssh enviroment typing lags

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Same problem here.

I tried to ping $ROUTERIPADDR and i see random From xxx.xxx.xx.xx icmp_seq=8 Destination Host Unreachable.

The IP address is related to a network interface generated by docker containers. You can see them with ifconfig, should be something as veth...

As soon as i stop those interfaces with ifconfig veth down, laggyness disappers.

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