Is there a Windows app, which I can maybe pin to my taskbar, which automatically launches a key combo when i click on that app's pinned icon?

I want to open Snip & Sketch app's snipping screen, which can be launched by a combo of Win Key + Shift + S. Snipping Screen

I know I can Pin the Snip & Sketch app itself, but it launches the app, from which I then have to click the snip button. App Interface

Is there an app, which would directly launch the combo and open the snipping screen when I click on its icon in the taskbar? I need to do a lot of snipping for a project.


Though there can be better options to do what you want to do, for example some 3rd party snipping softwares, but to answer this specific question, you can use the following method.
- download and install autohotkey
- create a script file, for example myscript.ahk
- put the following code into the script file:

send #+s   
  • save the file, right click on the file and choose "compile script".
  • myscript.exe will be created in the same folder and it does what you want
  • pin the exe to your task bar
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  • Thank You. This is exactly what I wanted. Solved my issue without much fuss!! Upvote not displayed because of low reputation, but You have mine. :) – Man Mohan Apr 13 at 4:08

Answer already accepted, but here is a solution that doesn't need 3rd party software.

The Snipping Tool .exe takes switches, such as /clip. You can save the .exe and the switch you need as a shortcut, and pin that to your start menu.

See this page for a fuller explanation: https://www.winhelponline.com/blog/capture-screen-region-snippingtool-clip-shortcut-windows-10/

edit: This is for the older tool "Snipping Tool". Not tested for the new version "Snip & Sketch".

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  • Thanks for your reply. For now, my hotkey is serving the purpose! So haven't tried this method. Not a tech guy, so not so intuitive for me. I am sure some curious tech geek will verify whether this works or not. Cheers. – Man Mohan Apr 13 at 4:25

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