I have several folders with many html files and I need to batch search for specific information within these html and insert this information in the file name as a suffix

The information is: DATE | HOUR in the format below  

<p> 10 de junho de 2010 | 21h30 </p>

The information structure is the same in all html files, but the day, month, year and time are different in all files.

I am not able to indicate a regular expression for this and neither use grep and awk properly.

Any suggestions on how to extract this information and put it in the name file as a suffix?

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In a bash environment (on Linux or CygWin under Windows), you can use:

$ LANG=es_ES-UTF-8 ; find . -type f -iname '*.html' | while IFS= read -r filename ; do ts=`stat --format=%Y "$filename"` ; suffix=`date --date=@$ts +%d\ de\ %B\ de\ %Y\ \|\ %Hh%M` ; mv "$filename" "$filename.$suffix" ; done

Assuming that:

  • you want to use Spanish language
  • you want to rename only files (not directories nor symlinks) with extension .html
  • you want to put as suffix date/time of data modification (not file creation, nor last access, nor last status change)

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