I have a midi controller with 3 rotary encoders and I want to connect them to grandMA2 onPC software. I know how to setup midi remotes and stuff, but it doesn't allow you to connect to the encoder wheels.

I'm running all my midi thru Midi-ox software in combination with loopMidi.

So how can I map the real encoders to virtual ones? Without using ShowCockpit?

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First, there are multiple tutorials online already. The best way would definitely be ShowCockpit, but I get that it can get pricey... The alternative I found does not work perfectly, but it works.

  1. make the output of your encoder note A (not as musically A but like ANY note) when turned clockwise and note B when turned counterclockwise. This can be done easily in Bomes Midi but very similarly you can do it in Midi-OX using maps.

  2. in grandMA onPC you make a macro for clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation for each of you're encoders that goes like this - Feature $feature.1 At + $resolution1 where $feature automatically returns the selected menu like Gobo1, Dimmer, Position, etc. .1 is the first virtual encoder (.2 is the second...) and that it adds to that attribute whatever is stored in the $resolution1 variable. Now assign this macro to the clockwise rotation of your first encoder. For counter-clockwise its the same macro but you flip the + to a -

  3. We have to setup the $resolution1 variable to whatever you decide, but I recommend making a macro that cycles it from 10, then 1 and last 0.1. Command for that is SetVar $resolution1 = 10

For the other encoders you just alter the numbers and that is it.

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