Windows: Host

Arch Linux: Guest

I wanted to create a shared folder between Windows and Arch Linux, but I don't know why doesn't work because I can see the folder in /media in arch, but the files that copy there do not appear in the Windows folder

I did this

Device > Insert Guest Adittions CD Image...

I opened a terminal where Guest Addition ... and i run this

 sudo ./VBoxLinuxAdditions.run


 sudo pacman -S linux-headers virtualbox-guest-utils
 sudo systemctl enable vboxservice

then reboot and

Deivce > Shared Folder > Shared Folder Settings ... > (in the right) Add Share (i choose folder path and automount) > OK


useradd -m -G vboxsf pedro
sudo chown -R pedro:users /media/sf_Public/

i can see the folder in /media in arch but when i copy a file or whatever don't appears in windows.


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Not sure if you still need the fix for this but i found the solution.

Once you have your user set up and you can see the shared folder, you need to change the permissions.

Your chown is incorrect.

You should use:

sudo chown -R yourusername:vboxsf /mount/point/of/shared/folder

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