Some websites, especially news websites, stop you from scrolling through a page in order to force you to sign up, pay money, click a popup etc. It's easy to get rid of popups with an element blocker, but is there a way to turn scrolling back on?

The content is still there and can be seen with a "reader mode" extension, but that often mangles the page enough to be really annoying, gets rid of images etc. The content is even there if you zoom out enough!

EDIT: This stackoverflow question has some technical workarounds that involve messing with the code, but I'm looking for something much more convenient that doesn't involve interacting with the code for the website.


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You can simply download Custom JavaScript for Websites 2.

Link To Download Custom JavaScript for Websites 2

Then, click on CJS Extension. You have to find New RegExp and enter .*

Finally, type the following javascript -

document.body.style.overflow = "visible";

Click on save. This will inject all that code automatically to all websites.

EDIT : A Simpler way to do this -
1. Open any web page and select bookmark this page.
2. Type any preferred name. For e.g. - Scroll.
3. Click on More Option.
4. Replace the URL with the following command - javascript:void(document.body.style.overflow = "visible");
5. Save the bookmark. Now when your scrollbar is blocked, simply click on this bookmark. Instead of opening the url, it will execute the the javascript. :)

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I had similar problems since you asked for a easy way to do it, I hope this will help others.

Step 1: Ublock Origin extension

Step 2: Logger Use Logger and refresh page

Step 3: Find an event like this p1 p2

Step 4: Create Rule, preferable removing the tail of url p1 p2

Step 5: Refresh and enjoy scrolling for an unlimited time

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