I'm doing a little image project with imagemagick, but I'm fairly new to everything and pretty mediocre at programming. What I'm trying to do is convert all images that are close to black and white (like it has some a slight color due to some tinting or something but in the end should be black and white). It should leave any images with color alone.

I know about -colorspace gray, but that involves manually going through the images to see what should be black and white and what is color. Then I would run the command on it. I want to automatically just scan a folder for black and white images and convert to grey scale, but if it's RGB then leave the image alone.

Also running imagemagick on a windows 10 computer.

  • One question: WHY??? In photoshop you can convert an image from two tone to greyscale. Black and white is like two tone. Fax images are like two tone I believe. Is that what you mean? – SPRBRN Apr 20 at 20:53
  • Yes, but I want to find an automatic way to do it without manually picking out all the black and white images and then convert it to greyscale – Spencer Apr 21 at 18:43

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