My Desktop computer keeps sleeping/hibernating when ALL settings are set to never and standby (53) is all that is enabled. I have updated my display driver, monitor drivers and any others I can find. It goes to sleep (I believe) then if left too long the monitor goes into standby and I have to reset the computer to get it to restart and continue. Motherboard = Gigabyte H55N Processor = Intel i5 760 @ 2.80ghz 4 core System = x64- based PC OS win 10 home 64bit ver 1909


Windows 10 64-bit

How to keep Windows 10 from going to sleep when all power management settings are set to never sleep:

Sleep and hibernation are not the same thing. You've taken the wrong approach. You've assumed there is a defect instead of giving your OS a reason the stay awake. Give your OS a reason to stay awake.

One task I do writes to memory for two hours. That activity does not prevent Windows 10 power management from applying "inactivity" rules. If I include a periodic ping request in the task inactivity rules are not applied and the PC is not put to sleep.

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