I enter the formula in the latest Word for Office 365 (version 2003 (not Word 2003, the 2020 year version), build 12624) in LaTeX mode:


It converts to Professional look normally, but if I switch again to Linear and back to Professional, the alpha symbol is lost. Sometimes it is lost just after entering and the first conversion.

If it is \alpha^2 everything is OK. I can put just ^ at the end without a number, but it looks like an unfinished equation.

Does any other workaround exist to prevent missing symbols in equations?

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I have the same version of Office 365,and found this issue exists when I convert to Professional first time.

enter image description here

I need to add a symbol like ";" behind "\alpha" in Linear mode.

After convert to Professional, delete the symbol, then try to press Space key behind α.

The following gif shows after doing that, the equation switch correctly.

enter image description here

When converting to Linear, "\" represents space, but entering "\" in Linear mode does not work as we need.

  • Thanks! I found that "\ " (slash and space) in linear mode also work.
    – VIK
    Apr 23, 2020 at 18:08

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