Is it feasible in Windows to enable (i.e. force) the use of a custom virtual background (via software) for any (all) videoconferencing applications that need to access to a webcam, for a webcam? (either screen-embedded front-facing, or external).

Or would that depend on the manufacturer of the hardware (e.g. laptop and webcam).

By virtual background I am referring to the ability of customizing the background on a video call so that people can see you as you look, but you can e.g. use a static or animated media for the rest of the background. E.g. this feature supported from Microsoft Teams, or this one from Zoom.

  • It is very feasible. SnapChat does EXACTLY this. It shows as a physical webcam to applications like zoom and slack even though it is a filter/wrapper for my REAL cam devices. Apr 22 '20 at 18:21

I am doing this under Windows 7 with Open Broadcast Studio with the VirtualCam addon. (OBS is also available for Mac and Linux, but you need to use some other tool to provide a virtual camera). I can run a long running youtube video like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGpp1ZPMKlk in the background on any videoconferencing tool. I select the virtualcam as the current camera. I use a green backdrop and the Chromakey filter in OBS. Should work with any hardware and any tool that can select from available cameras.

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