Basically I need to control how fast I upload files to AWS S3 - I have a folder with tens of thousands of files, and this is what I do now:

for f in *; do aws s3 cp $f s3://my-bucket; done;

What I'd like to do is like this pseudo code:

for f in *; 
   do aws s3 cp $f s3://my-bucket
   if cnt % 1000 == 0
       sleep 5 min

Sorry for mixing python and shell syntax together but I hope I expressed my idea clearly. Please kindly help. Thanks!


This might do what you want.

#!/usr/bin/env bash


for f in *; do
  echo aws s3 cp "$f" s3://my-bucket
  ((counter++ % 10 == 0)) && echo && sleep 5
  • That's just a dry-run of what should/could be executed.

  • Remove the echo in front of aws and the && echo if you think the output is ok.

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