I have many mp4 files located in one folder some of which are broken. I don't really need to fix them I just need a automated way of finding and deleting them. Don't have any solutions I have tried myself. I am using xyplorer which has some advanced features but all searching i've done is centered around repairing those files not just deleting them

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    What have you tried so far? In what way are they "broken"? You could try writing a script with something like this: superuser.com/questions/100288/… Are they not playing or giving a specific error? – Meow_ly Apr 23 at 21:54
  • I once had a number of bad video files mixed with good ones. I found that the bad files didn't display a "Length" Property (or maybe it was zero), but it allowed me to sort on that property & thus delete all the bad ones in one fell swoop. So check all the .mp4-specific properties & see if you can find a common thread to distinguish them from the good. – Keith Miller Apr 23 at 22:59
  • The files have the error "cannot decode" The files are always 10% the size they should be. under properties i'm unable to see frame width, height , datarate, framerate, bitrate etc... i will try your suggestions thank you – igly Apr 24 at 7:19

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