I want to find the compass bearing of to coordinates from a map: Map with example The middle Point is my location.

I already know the distance between my points. But I don't find a formula for the bearing that fits in an Excel sheet

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from here: https://www.igismap.com/formula-to-find-bearing-or-heading-angle-between-two-points-latitude-longitude/ You can calculate your direction in radians and then degrees using:


You can then use functions from here: https://www.mrexcel.com/board/threads/convert-number-in-deg-to-direction-text-n-nne.541185/ to allocate a map direction, this one appears best:


or you can combine the lot in one cell something like:

=ROUND(DEGREES(ATAN2(B2,B3)),2) & "° " & LOOKUP(MOD(DEGREES(ATAN2(B2,B3)),360),{0,22.5,45,67.5,90,112.5,135,157.5,180,202.5,225,247.5,270,292.5,315,337.5},{"N","NNE","NE","ENE","E","ESE","SE","SSE","S","SSW","SW","WSW","W","WNW","NW","NNW"})

where I have the X and Y calculations in B2 and B3.

It has been some time since I worked with coordinates so it may not be the correct terminology but you should be able to modify to suit.

  • Thank you it worked.
    – Phönix 64
    Apr 24, 2020 at 8:50

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