I want to recover data from a Samsung HD501LJ 3.5" SATA disk.


I have no more working desktop to connect it to.

I have a working USB adapter enclosure for a 2.5" SATA drive. It has 2 USB connectors, one for power, one for data.

Is it safe to connect the 3.5" Samsung drive to the USB adapter? I'm confused about the different voltages on SATA. enter image description here

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You should not attempt to do that.

First of all, 3.5" drives use 12V in addition to 5V, which your case most likely can't provide.

But more importantly: If you want to recover data, the one thing you do NOT want ist to put your disk into any non-optimal working conditions. Not 100% clean and sufficient power might keep your disk sort of working but put an enormous strain on the drives motor speed controller. It might also be "just not enough" with your drive restarting, again making your recovery job harder and more risky.

A 3.5" case (or a "HDD docking station") is a few $/€ on e-Bay and will come with a dedicated power supply.

  • In a pinch (edge case scenario) I've found SATA+idr to USB converters which come with an additional power supply that puts out 5 and 12 volts. If you handle the grounding correctly (I suspect the drives will do it, otherwise link the 2 black power cables to SATA ground this could work. Not a great or safe solution, but better then trying to power it off a Y connector. – davidgo Apr 26 '20 at 10:50

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