I want to remove the default IPv6 link-local address of an interface and want to replace it with a customized IPv6 link-local address?

Can you help me here?

If I assign a new link-local IPv6 address as below, then the interface shows two link-local IPv6 addresses. /sbin/ip -6 addr add fe80::ade1:ac14:1334/64 dev eth0 scope link

I know below command can remove the old link-local IPv6 address, is there any other way to remove it without specifying the address? sbin/ip -6 addr del dev eth0.

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    Link-local addresses are automatically generated either by generating a random one or by using the MAC address, inverting bit 7 and adding ff:fe in the middle. – xdevs23 Apr 26 at 15:49
  • Please edit the question and explain why you'd like to change the link-local address without changing the MAC address. You'd be breaking part of the IPv6 protocol if you do so. If you want static additional link-local addresses, you can do so with ULAs, without having to remove the original link-local address. – dirkt Apr 26 at 17:22
  • This is just for a small experiment I am doing by disabling the DAD (Duplicate Address Detection). Since DAD is disabled, I want to assign a unique link-local IPv6 address by myself. – user3349687 Apr 27 at 9:47

IP address is mandatory for ip -6 a del command so you should write a small scipt to find out IPv/6 address. Original local link address contains MAC address of the interface in converted EUI-64 ID format what means the first byte's of the 7th bit of the MAC adsress is complemented.

Example: ip a show enp0s8 command output (unnecessary parts removed):

enp0s8: ...

link/ether 08:00:27:02:8a:41 brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff

inet6 fe80::0a00:27ff:fe02:8a41/64 scope link

EUI-64 ID: 08:00:27:FFFE:02:8a:41

Converted EUI-64 ID, complement 7th bit: 08 (0000 1000) will 0a (0000 1010)

From MAC adress you can construct the original local link IP and after you can use to delete this IPv6 address.

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  • I can also use the getifaddrs() to get all the IP addresses assigned to the particular interface, filter out the IPv6 link-local address from the list and use it as an argument to the del command. Just wanted to know if there is any simpler way to do this. – user3349687 Apr 27 at 9:51

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