I can't seem to make the terminator configuration file work on Ubuntu , either w/ i3-gaps or KDE plasma.

Here is my config file :

    borderless = True
    titlebars = False
        copy_on_selection = True
        background_type = transparent
        background_image = None
        background_darkness = 0.90
        font = SF Mono 20
        scrollback_infinite = True

It is located at $HOME/.config/terminator/config, where config is the file. terminator version is 1.91.

The font size is set to 20 to try to see the difference at first glance. Switch it between 5 and 20, nothing changes. Changed the font too to no avail.

No errors nor warnings are reported when launchint terminator fom another terminal.

EDIT : Added terminator version. EDIT 2: Typo and details

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