A day before, I found that my screen was yellow. I found that 'Night light' was turned on in Windows 10. Today, at the same time, it happened again. I am pretty sure that there is no schedule set for Night light. What might be the problem?

  • There is a schedule for you. Start, Settings, search for Night Light Settings. On the screen that comes up, you can turn it ON or OFF and below that you can set a schedule for it. – John Apr 29 at 13:47
  • @John I have clearly specified that there is no schedule set. – Bhavya Gupta Apr 29 at 14:11

Double check 'Night light' is set to off:

enter image description here

Then make sure 'Schedule night light' in 'Night light settings' is also set to off:

enter image description here

If 'Night light' is always turning on at the same time every day, then it is most likely that 'Night light' schedule is active, and this step should resolve the problem.

If this doesn't work, then you can always just set your 'Night light' strength to zero.

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  • I have clearly specified that there is no schedule set. The last line was a pretty clever solution. Please remove that schedule part and I will select it as answer. – Bhavya Gupta Apr 29 at 14:12
  • You never 'clearly specified' this. You said, and I quote, you were "pretty sure" you hadn't set a schedule. "Pretty sure" is not a definitive answer. – Virtuality Apr 29 at 17:11
  • And also, this question is here for the informational purposes of others; others may want to read this answer if they have a similar problem to yours. – Virtuality Apr 29 at 17:13

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