I'm using tmux on a CentOS host machine. Whenever I leave scroll mode (Ctrl+B, [ to enter, q to leave), my keyboard cursor disappears and I find it difficult to type. Is it a known bug or are there ways to get the cursor back without restarting the session?

  • The cursor is probably handled by your terminal emulator. What software is it? Does the problem remain after you attach to the same session from another terminal? Do not detach the first terminal. Are two cursors missing? or one? Check different terminal emulators. What happens? Please edit the question and add this information. May 1, 2020 at 15:04

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I have a similar problem in tmux. Sometimes the cursor disappears in one window; but the other windows have a flashing cursor.

I found this: https://github.com/tj/git-extras/issues/538#issuecomment-222312367


   tput cnorm

fixes it, in that window. Still don't know what causes it, or how to prevent it.


For me reset and two times Enter does it and is easier to remember then tput cnorm.

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