What I wish to do while selecting.

enter image description here

Clicking by pressing Ctrl

Trying to do it with keyboard.

enter image description here

Using the Shift and arrow keys

Using Ctrl to skip a folder and pressing Shift to select the required one.

enter image description here

But the folder in between gets selected as well.

So how do I use only keyboard to perform what I did with the mouse and Ctrl combination.


The answer is pretty simple actually.

You hold the CTRL key, then you use the arrow keys to move around as you normally would. While still holding the CTRL key, you can add/remove a file from the selection by pressing SPACE.

You release CTRL once you are satisfied with your selection.

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  • Wow, didn’t expect it to be so easy to remember. Now, I am officially the power user of windows, hehe. ;) – Valay_17 May 3 at 18:25

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