I have some VM on qemu, which occasionally freezes.
Thus I need some way to send sysrq to my VM. I use both TigerVNC and picocom, but the appropriate hotkeys (e.g. Alt + PrtScr + B) don't work. Obviously, in this case Alt + PrtScr + B sends sysrq to my host Linux, not VM.

So is there a way to send sysrq to VM through the picocom terminal or TigerVNC?

Seem that it's related to somehow sending "break" in case of picocom.

  • As a quick pointer, I believe that sending this keystroke may likely be possible using the Qemu monitor, using -telnet so the Qemu software acts as a telnet server (which can be set to listen to only localhost). – TOOGAM May 3 at 19:22
  • @TOOGAM it would be nice to see a brief example.. – red0ct May 3 at 19:31

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