In most browsers (like Chrome, which I use) CTRL + L will take you to the address bar. Is there a shortcut for going back to where you were before clicking CTRL + L?


  • I am writing a message.
  • I click CTRL + L to go to the address bar and copy part of the current URL.
  • I click XXX to return to the message that I am writing and paste the URL.
  • I happily go on with my life (without ever taking my hands of the keyboard)

Using Template is not what I want.


While in the Chrome address bar, press F6 (up to 3 times) to return. Or Shift + F6

For further reading about useful keyboard shortcuts see the official documentation: Chrome keyboard shortcuts.

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  • And this isn't just Chrome. It is a convention in Microsoft Windows desktop applications that F6 moves keyboard focus between key GUI parts. For instance, F6 works in Microsoft Word (and all other Office applications), Windows Explorer, the Registry Editor, most web browsers, and frankly all well-behaved Windows applications. – Andreas Rejbrand May 4 at 17:25
  • Pressing F6 in a new tab puts the keyboard focus on the bookmarks. I miss this feature quite a bit after switching to Firefox. – Fabian Röling May 4 at 19:35
  • That doesn't seem to work on macOs – jmm May 4 at 19:51

There's ALT+D for achieving just what you want.

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    No, Alt-d is the same as Ctrl-l -- Toke Faurby wanted the opposite (go back to the page / form field) – Furty May 19 at 5:42

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