I was trying to patch up my old unit before giving it to my younger brother, and found that it kept restarting, the cause of which I can't figure out.


  • OS: Pop_OS 18.*
  • MB: Gigabyte AM3+
  • Processor: AMD FX-6300
  • Video Card:Radeon R7 370
  • Ram: Ripjaw 2x4GB
  • HDD: WD Black caviar 2tb
  • PSU: Corsair VS450
  • Wifi Card:TP link WN781ND

Things I added to upgrade it:

  • Ram: Kingston 1x8GB
  • SSD: Gigabyte 480GB sata3

Steps I have done to diagnose the issue:

  • Thought that it was the 8gb ram stick I added but even after removing it the issue persisted. I have also tried running each single stick on its own, same results.
  • Ran memtests on them individually and together with no errors found.
  • It also happens in safemode.
  • Resetting my BIOS didn't help
  • Bought the SSD since my second guess was that the HDD was failing after years of use.
  • Clean formatted, fresh install.
  • No errors showing up on POST
  • Checked syslog and the usual logs, nothing found. No BSOD or any crash report.

It restarts randomly, sometimes it would start from the BIOS then restarts 3 or 4 times before its able to boot up the OS. Sometimes it would do a 'soft' restart where it wouldn't start from the bios but immediately from the OS(this one isn't a cycle unlike the reboot from the BIOS, it just restarts from the login screen every few minutes/hours, not sure).

Other notes:

  • Reboots also when temp is low and activity is minimal. BIOS is set to prompt when temp reaches 70c

I'm thinking this could be a PSU issue but I'm not entirely sure how to check/monitor it if that were the case.

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