I have a home file server running Windows 10 Pro.

On my server PC I have a folder:

F:\DATA\BACKUPS set up as a hidden share \\SERVER\BACKUPS$

I have a network folder called D:\Files shared as \\SERVER\FILES

I created a symlink in the D:\Files location to the BACKUPS folder


On the host server, I can access the symlink BACKUP folder just fine either from D:\Files or \\SERVER\FILES

From a client PC, however, I get an error: \\SERVER\FILES\BACKUPS\ is not accessible

I check the properties of the symlink and it says target: \\SERVER\BACKUPS$

So I'm not sure why it's looking for \\SERVER\FILES\BACKUPS instead of just \\SERVER\BACKUPS$

I was able to just create a shortcut link to it and it works fine. But it seems a symlink should work too.

  • Mhm I had a similar issue and in that case the issue was, that the link redirected to a local folder. Instead of the remote one (resulting in the same error).
    – thex
    May 5 '20 at 6:35

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