I have 2 SSDs that have the Disk Optimization not available error.

Tried everything with defrag commands and SATA/motherboard drivers. Nothing worked.

I wanted to share how I fixed this.

  • Windows 10 like written in the title.
    – djibe
    May 5, 2020 at 9:21

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Launch Windows command prompt as administrator and enter the command :

winsat formal

Now launch a Powershell command prompt as Aministrator

Optimize-Volume -DriveLetter c -ReTrim -Verbose

Confirm with Enter and wait during operations. Disk optimization is now available with Windows 10 dfrgui.exe


Tried just about all the suggested fixes with no success. Finally, Went into device manager, Removed the hard disk driver, Restarted, Voila, All good immediately. Eugene C (aviator_888)

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