In Plugin Manager, under the Available tab, "Git plugin" is not available.

I'm running the Jenkins war with Tomcat.

Can I paste a log, a config or something? This problem was detailed elsewhere, can't find link but everyone had success there with "setting up a proxy". How do I satisfy Jenkins so I can get git installed?


The git plugin is one of the default plugins.

You should see it already installed if you look under the "Installed" tab.

  • But theres not Git under Source Code Management. It just says None.
    – chrips
    May 6 '20 at 2:41

Git is no longer installed by default (as of 2.2xx (?)).

Also pluginManager "Available" tab no longer lists all plugins by default - use Search box on plugin page. Search for "git".

If you need a proxy set, it's under the Advanced tab.

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