I'm trying to use Hyper-V in a Windows Enterprise Edition machine. After installing it I realized that the menu do not show up any way to create a virtual machine. Luckily Hyper-V has a command Hyper-V Quick Create which I searched in the Cortana menu, but now I am stuck in the process of opening the virtual machine after having shut it down.

How do I do this? The manager shows no buttons nor menus.

Here is a screenshot:

(Click image to enlarge)


Well seems my problem was way easier than expected... I forgot to execute hyper-v as administrator. Problem solved. Very sorry for asking this!

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  • No need to be sorry. Normally, most built-in MMC configurations automatically (silently) run as Administrator. However, they can also run as a regular user. You may have some settings that disable automatic elevation (maybe set by your IT department). – Daniel B May 5 at 6:47

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