I'm using Windows 10 and have two languages (English, Hebrew) which I use all the time, so I'm using the Alt+Shift keyboard shortcut to switch between one and the other.

I lately started studying Spanish, so I also wanted to have that installed for when I do my homework, but now I have to switch between three languages all the time, only so I can have Spanish installed once a week when I need it.

Is there a way to have Spanish installed so I can only switch to it manually and not using the keyboard shortcut? The shortcut will then only switch between English and Hebrew?


Modifying the Windows dialog is impossible, but you can set shortcut keys for each language, to go directly and quickly to the language you need:

  • Go to Settings > Devices > Typing
  • Click Advanced keyboard settings
  • Click Input language hot keys
  • Click on a keyboard layout to select
  • Click Change Key Sequence…
  • Click Enable Key Sequence
  • Choose your shortcut and click OK

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