I have a VM foo created using virt-manager / KVM. I have vagrant 2.2.6 with the plugin vagrant-libvirt 0.0.45. I wish to package foo as a Vagrant box.

The documentation for vagrant package states:

--base NAME - Instead of packaging a VirtualBox machine that Vagrant manages, this will package a VirtualBox machine that VirtualBox manages. NAME should be the name or UUID of the machine from the VirtualBox GUI. Currently this option is only available for VirtualBox.

Indeed, attempting the following command fails:

$ vagrant package --provider=libvirt --base foo --output foo.box
An invalid option was specified. The help for this command
is available below.

The vagrant-libvirt documentation was not enlightening:

vagrant-libvirt has native support for vagrant package via libguestfs virt-sysprep.

It then gives explanations and examples of how to provide customisation options but does not explain how to actually issue a command which will package the box.

How can I package a box using vagrant and vagrant-libvirt?

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