When using Firefox with the Web Console or Browser Console, nearly everything I type is interrupted by autocomplete.

I do not like this. Sometimes, when I press enter to submit my command, what actually happens is, my Enter accepts the autocomplete and submits that instead.

If I pay attention, I can press Esc, then Enter, but I dont want to have to do that. I just want to turn autocomplete off.

Is this possible via some setting?


Go to "Settings" menu in the console toolbar, disable "Enable Autocompletion"


I dont see the option presented in the other answer (I am on Firefox 71).

However it seems I actually solved this previously, and must have restored the default at some point. The settings that controls this are:

  • I mean the gear button on the top right. But you solved it already so. – lolman981234 May 9 '20 at 4:00

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