I just found out about Firefox's multi-account container extension. For those unfamiliar, this is a good overview...https://youtu.be/Gy7lyvAfOSw.

It seems like a fantastic solution for being able to be logged into the same account, e.g. your personal account and business account with the same bank, at the same time without having to constantly sign out of one account and sign back into the other account.

Are folks aware of an equivalent option for Chrome? (I sometimes use incognito windows for this sort of thing, but it's an unsatisfactory solution as you need to sign back in every time.)


There is SessionBox, but it does not have the exact same features, I am afraid. "Firefox Multi-Account Containers" is the only reason why I use Firefox.


I recommend Switch Multi-Account Login for Chrome/Chromium. It's the best alternative have found.


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