My laptop's WiFi adapter has suddenly switched to very low power mode. It's range has been reduced to a meter only. I have Intel-R Dual Band Wireless AC-8265 WiFi adapter running on Windows 10. I have tried:

  1. Updating the driver (even downloading it from Intel website)
  2. Uninstalling and restarting the PC.
  3. Checked the Transmit Power setting in the device manager (it's set to Highest)

Any suggestions on how to fix? Is there any hardware override for transmit power settings? Is it about transmit power or some thing else has gone faulty?

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    Your module will have an antenna, chances are it has worked loose. You will need to get your laptop manual as it will tell you how to disassemble/assemble it, find out where your wifi module is, and reconnect the wires that go to it. – Mokubai May 8 at 20:26
  • Good comment above, but also consider why this might have happened if the case has not been opened. The antenna wires between base and lid may have broken from constant flex. Get the manufacturer's hardware test application and see if the card itself is good. – John May 8 at 20:56
  • I did that test from Intel and detected no issues. It also mentioned the hardware is operating at full power. – ashish.g May 8 at 21:59
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    If the hardware itself is good and downstream is low power then look at what both Mokubai and I suggested: Contacts on the card and antenna wires broken. You may wish to get the laptop serviced to open it carefully and check – John May 8 at 22:26
  • I am struggling with similar issue with the Qualcomm adapter. At first it just stopped working from time to time. After updating driver to the most recent version I am seeing the same issue you have. I didn't find the resolution yet, but I have a spare Realtek adapter and I will try it. – Stuka May 9 at 21:07

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