This question discussed how to prevent Cisco's WebEx from auto-start at login. A recent update by WebEx now also restarts the WebEx app after a meeting ends, at least on MacOSX (I do not have a windows machine, so I have not recreated the issue on Windows).

The app that opens is called the "Cisco WebEx Meetings.app" and looks like this:

enter image description here

The issue is that the app forces itself into the foreground when restarting, and it takes a bit of time for it to complete the process. Which, of course, is very disruptive if you are working in a different application at that time.

So I see two methods to address this:

  1. Prevent auto-start all together
  2. Force auto-start to occur in the background

Option 1 is preferred, but I have been unsuccessful at implementing either of them.

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