I'm looking for a keyboard with specific form factor/layout but I just don't know what it's called making it hard for me to search it on the internet.

Here's what it looks like.


Primary characteristics of form factor I'm looking for.

  1. arrow keys that double as home, page up/down, and end keys
  2. has a numpad
  3. almost the same length as a TKL (Ten Key Less) keyboard

The Question: What form factor is this keyboard called? And how do I best search for it?

The image above is Hexgears X-1. Unfortunately, it has a deal-breaker caveat so I need to search for another similar keyboard.

  • Doesn’t look like an established format. So you’re out of luck, I think.
    – Daniel B
    May 14, 2020 at 12:29

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It's a non-standard form factor. I've only discovered a few other keyboards with similar numpad placement.

One is the discontinued Cooler Master Quickfire TK, where the bottom of the numpad serves double duty as arrow keys. Quickfire TK photo

Another is the HAVIT KB487L TKL. It's sadly missing the mathematical operation keys on the numpad, so it's better for two-factor auth entry or playing traditional roguelikes than it is for spreadsheets. It's also extremely cheap; the entire keyboard costs almost half as much a bag of Cherry MX switches alone. Havit keyboard photo

Note that arrow key behavior can be remapped via software like Karabiner-Elements even if the hardware doesn't natively support it. Physical keyboard layout is the real sticking point.

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