I've been looking for this script, AHKControl by lexikos all over the place. The original release thread is on the old defunct forum, that may be why I cant see any download links there.

I found a github page here, that has a copy of the script but its missing a function or an include so it stops me from running it. It throws this error.

C:\Users....AHKcontrol.ahk (97) : ==> Call to nonexistent function. Specifically: MI_ExtractIcon(this_exe, 3, 16)

Propably because of missing #include files, Lexikos mentions this on the same release thread.

Required: ListIncludes.ahk (placed in function library) Menu Icons v2 AutoHotkey v1.0 or v1.1 ANSI/Unicode 32-bit. 64-bit is not supported.

Does anyone have working copy of this file they can share with me? If not can you please take a look at the github mirror, to see if you can resolve the error stoping it? I think its missing an icon pack. I am okay in AHK but not great. Thank you

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