When we select text in Word, a small popup toolbar (called Mini Toolbar) appears. It also shows up when you right-click on the text, along the regular context menu.

Mini toolbar

When I select text with (Ctrl-)Shift-Arrows, however, this popup is not shown. It is not even shown when I press the 'Context menu' button on the keyboard, which only shows the regular context menu in this case.

Is there a way to invoke this toolbar with the keyboard only?


A possible solution:

  1. Open Settings -> Ease of access -> Mouse. Enable Control your mouse with a keypad

  2. Go back to Word, select the word(s), then press Ctrl+5.

  3. Release the keys, the mini toolbar should appear.

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  • Well, technically, this does answer the question - the mini toolbar does appear, but this is when I understood that it is in no way controlled with the keyboard. I'd expect to be able to choose a formatting button with the arrow keys or some other keystroke, but it disappears as soon as you press anything. – Giovanni May 18 at 19:42

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