I have this simple hot key to mute the volume

ScrollLock::Send {Volume_Mute}

It works but I want to add the Ctrl key so that I have to press Ctrl + ScrollLock to activate {Volume_Mute}. How do you do it?

I tried ^ScrollLock::Send {Volume_Mute} but it doesn't work.


Hotkeys can be triggered by using the 3-digit hexadecimal scan code (SC) of a key:

; Ctrl + ScrollLock
^SC046::Send {Volume_Mute}

in the rare case where a key has no name or the standard code doesn't work.

The scan code of a key can be determined by following the steps at Special Keys:

  • Run a script with keyboard hook
  • open the AutoHotkey window (context menu in systray, Open item)
  • go to View > Key History and script info
  • type the key
  • hit F5 to see the code
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  • That worked but I forgot to mention that I have a previous hotkey also for ScrollLock. Basically, I need this ScrollLock::Send {Volume_Down} and another hotkey with Ctrl like that of yours ^SC046::Send {Volume_Mute}. Is that possible? – IMB May 13 at 22:00
  • 1
    Try SC046::Send {Volume_Down}(replace all ScrollLock with SC046 in the script). – user3419297 May 13 at 22:08

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