I have openvpn server installed on server.

My external network interface is : eth0.

eth0 have external\real IP addr like

I also have eth0:1 interface alias wich have ip addr like

What I should to to make openvpn use SOURCE ADDRESS and not the ?

my default route looks like:         UG    0      0        0 eth0

is there some openvpn option for server to bind some interface and use it's ip wich works ok with IP assigned as an alias ?

  • You really should get rid of alias interfaces if at all possible. Linux natively supports multiple IP addresses per interface. // What exactly do you mean by “source address”? Do you perhaps mean that VPN clients should appear as on the external network? – Daniel B May 14 '20 at 10:54

The primary operation is actually binding to an address, not to an interface. (That exists but is a secondary thing that's much less commonly used.) So you can forget interfaces and directly tell OpenVPN to bind to your preferred address using the 'local' option:


Also note that "interface aliases" on Linux are not real interfaces. They're just lies that the kernel tells to old out-of-date tools such as 'ifconfig', but in reality you just have a single 'eth0' interface with two addresses.

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