I use Tee-Object to output my command to console and a file. I use this command:

Command 2>&1 | Tee-Object 'myfile.log'

With this command I only get standard and error output in my file. When a verbose output is send I do see it in the console but it doesn't end up in my logfile.

How can I output alle console info to a file? So also verbose messages.

I found this

 Pipeline (1) 
 Error    (2) 
 Warning  (3) 
 Verbose  (4) 
 Debug    (5)
 All      (*)

We still use the same operators
 >    Redirect to a file and replace contents
 >>   Redirect to a file and append to existing content
 >&1  Merge with pipeline output

So Command *> 'myfile.log' does the trick for my file but I don't see output in the console this way

  • Just a guess, but try command *>&1 | tee-object 'myfile.log' – SimonS May 15 '20 at 14:27
  • Yes that works.Maybe give it as an answer so I can accept it as the solution – Danny May 15 '20 at 14:35

You were actually already pretty close to your answer.

if that one worked Command 2>&1 | Tee-Object 'myfile.log' and you already found out that * instead of 2 would log everything, just do it that way:

Command *>&1 | Tee-Object 'myfile.log'

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